Multiple Staking Pools Live, Stake Your FMB and FMB/BNB LP and Earn More FMB

We are pleased to announce to the FarmBit community that the much-anticipated staking pools are live.

As in our tokenomics, our community have 29% of the total supply of FMB to claim in our exciting DeFi programs.

Users can now stake their FMB and FMB/BNB LP and earn more FMB for staking with us. With this form of staking, you can choose to stake FMB and earn FMB, but when you stake your liquidity tokens (FMB/BNB LP), you earn more FMB.

Why Should I stake my FMB tokens

Staking involves locking up tokens within the FarmBit protocol for varying lengths of time to be used by the ecosystem for various purposes. Staking also reduces circulating supply, creating positive price action to the benefit of holders. As a reward for staking tokens, stakers receive attractive yields on top of their balances. The more you stake, the more you stand to earn proportionally.

Our APY Model

Users can stake FMB/BNB LP for good time and earn 150% APY.

Users can stake their FMB for a good time and earn 45% APY.

How to get started

Visit and connect your MetaMask/Trustwallet or any other web 3.0 wallet that supports BSC network.

After a successful connection, your wallet address will be displayed on the staking page. In addition, you will also see your FMB balance on either of the pool.

Scroll to the “Stake

Enter the total amount of FMB or FMB/BNB LP tokens you want to stake.

Click on approve and wait for your wallet signing to appear.

Do not click on this button many times. Instead, click on it once and wait for the next page to appear.

After successfully staking on the FarmBit platform, the page will refresh and update your staking info accordingly

The Claim section displays the number of FMB tokens available for you to claim.

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