FMB token: FarmBit’s fertile soil

Looking at our native FMB token and exploring its use cases 🌱

One of the many benefits of the expanding blockchain economy is the tokenization of assets. …

FarmBit Presale Whitelist is Live Now!

FarmBit Whitelist will open on Monday, November 29, 2021 at 10:00 PM UTC and close at the same time on December 5, 2021.

Submit your Whitelist Presale application by filling this WHITELIST FORM.

The whitelist registration will last until the Presale officially starts. There…

Bringing Agribusinesses On-chain

Understanding Africa’s First DeFi and NFT Solution for Agribusiness and Warehousing

DeFi. NFTs. Crypto. Blockchain. These are words that have permeated our news sources over the last 12 months, grabbing the attention of many and evoking the criticism of others. Even if you don’t know what these…

FarmBit receives $240k Seed funding from top crypto Angel Investors and partners with Despace Protocol

Millions of small businesses from emerging markets have stayed offline for the past decade due to the financing gap between these businesses and traditional financial institutions.

FarmBit is fixing the financing gap between agribusinesses and…

FarmBit Metaverse: Beyond the Hype

It’s less about the people who are talking about it and more about the people who are creating it. Today, many top companies are investing in metaverses, not just for entertainment purposes, but for business and professional purposes as well.

Picture this: A world of…

Recently we got a chance to present the FarmBit project at the just concluded blockchain and the future of money conference in Victoria island Lagos on the 11th September 2021.

It was an audience mixed with blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers, investors and industry veterans and it was nothing short…


A decentralized financing protocol for businesses in emerging economies, leveraging DeFi and NFT.

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